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A Word about My Associates

 Proper etiquette requires me to mention my closest associates… 

KyleFirst, there’s Kyle, a rather “largish” tuxedo cat. Kyle & his brother, Sweet Pea (rip), were the first feline residents here. In fact, they were born on the sofa. Kyle is 7;


Then there’s Toby who is a big linx point with blue eyes. He’s 4. Toby came from a high kill shelter when he was about 6 months old. Toby is currently on Prozac because he had spraying issues. 

OdieOdie is all black and shiney with bright amber eyes. He is our youngest feline associate. Odie is a fraidy cat, but loves our human and all other cats. Odie is 2, and he has urinary tract problems when he gets too stressed out.

JellyBeanJellybean is our oldest associate; she’s 10. She’s was found under the neighbor’s truck. She was skinny & fell over when she tried to walk. Our human threw away the drugs prescribed by the vet because they weren’t helping, then nursed her back to health with several holistic concoctions and homemade organic food. That was 4 years ago. Jelly is the only one of us that Tweets on Twitter, and she is currently on a diet to lose some weight.

Little KittyLittle Kitty (uh, very original) is blue & white and really does not like to associate with the rest of us cats, but she loves our human. She was abandoned by the neighbors behind us when they moved, and was very skinny & pissed off (& rightly so) when Deb discovered she’d been left. Little Kitty lives outside and never leaves our yard. Little Kitty is 7 or 8 now.

We have 2 human servants, Deb & Bill (more about them later).

We have a good life in a big house with lots of food.

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