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Sunday morning Total Bummer

My favorite human, Deb, had a distressing experience this morning. Her current job is as an independent Pet Sitter (this is how she supports me & and my associates in the manner in which we are accustomed). Well, this morning she was over at Carlene’s taking care of her 4 outside kitties, and noticed the kitties watching something in the woods down by the creek. It was a doe and a fawn! There was also another deer but it was mostly hidden behind the shrubs. Deb had her camera and managed to get a bad photo, and then she and the cats stood very still watching. Suddenly the doe became startled and ran off into the woods with her fawn, and the other deer ran off in another direction.

Deb & the cats were pondering the coolness of seeing this deer family, when all of a sudden they heard 3 gunshots in the not so far distance, coming from the direction in which the doe and her fawn had run. OMG 😦 This was very very distressing for Deb. She cannot stop thinking about it.

Please everyone send good vibes, positive energy, prayers or whatever it is you believe in to those poor deer. Hopefully they got away unscathed.

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