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To all Kind and Generous Humans…

Update: the fundraisers mentioned below have ended. Thank you to all who contributed to these worthy causes!

My favorite human has organized 2 fundraisers for very worthy causes. I, Violet, would like you to contribute money if you can, but even if you cannot make a monetary donation your contribution of prayers, good vibes and positive energy are also needed & appreciated!

inky3Help Inky the Cat Inky had a urinary tract blockage, which is a very serious condition for cats and can be fatal if not treated immedately. Inky was able to receive emergency treatment because of a loan, and now his family has to repay the loan so we are asking you to help them. Inky is still having some trouble, but we are hoping he does not have to be catheterized again. Read about Inky.

0908091207Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehabilitation (F.U.R.R.), or as we fondly refer to it – Terry’s Cats! Terry is a very nice lady who rescues cats and finds good homes for them. She pays for all their vet work and spay/neuter with her own money. Terry is an honest and humble lady, she works hard to help cats and people with cat problems. We know she needs extra funding and we are asking for donations to help her carry on this kitty rescue work.  Read about Terry & F.U.R.R. and about the kitties that are  waiting to be adopted!

RSCN0501There is also another fundraiser that we encourage you to support and that is Melba’s Rescues. Melba is a good friend of ours, and she has organized a feral trap/neuter/release project for a colony of  feral cats that are living behind a grocery store near one of her relative’s homes here in Union County. Melba and the volunteers helping her have socialized many of the kittens and have also found homes for them (see Mikie in the photo). Melba is a very nice lady, a good & generous person, and is always helping people and animals at her own expense. We know Melba appreciates and deserves your help.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

violet and morgan3

Purrs to all,


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