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Rain! yeaaa!

VioletCrazyGirlFinally some moisture is falling on the earth! My favorite human says the allergens are not floating around now, and she has opened the windows & doors! Yeaaa! Fresh air and no allergens (whatever those are).

When it rains Kyle can’t roll in the dirt when he goes outside. He calls it a “dirt bath” but we call it grossss, and he needs a sponge bath when he comes in. This always delays our dinner. Grrrr…Hisss…..

Inky is in our upstairs cat room! My human says Inky must have subQ fluids for another few days, and then he can go home as long as he continues to pee enough. Inky’s humans have the Swine Flu (swine???) and my human doesn’t want to go over there to give Inky his fluids while everyone is sick, that’s why he’s here with us. He’s already been catheterized twice. I don’t know what that is, but Inky says it wasn’t fun.

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