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Sad Day

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Bow Tie KittyLast night my favorite human had to bury one of our homeless kitties that she’s been taking care of since before I was born. It was Bow Tie Kitty. Poor Bow Tie was hit by a car. Fortunately our neighbor Michelle found him right after it happened and so they were able to get him out of the street right away. We believe he died right away and didn’t suffer much, if at all.

My human has been taking care of Bow Tie Kitty for about 5 years, but he never let her get close enough to pet him. Bow Tie was very timid. She dewormed him, gave him flea treatments and antibiotics when he was injured or sick, all in his food. She fattened him up before winter, and he always got all the steak fat and trimmings. Bow Tie was probably the best fed homeless cat around because he ate the same grain free foods that we eat, plus steak and chicken.

She was never able to get him neutered because he would not go in the trap after the first time when she had to let him go because she needed to trap a female kitty before she got pregnant. She only had one appointment and needed to use it for the female kitty, so she had to let Bow Tie go and he never forgot that trap.bow tie kitty

 He used to come to our front porch to eat, but he hung out across the street so when my human saw him almost get hit one time she began taking the food across the street for him. After that we did not see him on this side of the street; after he ate he would always walk back behind the house across the street where my human fed him.

She always worried about Bow Tie if she didn’t see him for several days. The longest he was MIA was about 2 weeks, then just as she started thinking he’d met his demise, he’d appear on the old lady’s porch waiting for his dinner.

Unfortunately there are a lot of homeless, unsocialized kitties in our neighborhood. When they show up in our yard, my human traps them (if she can) and gets them fixed. Also unfortunate is we live on a well traveled road and it’s not a safe place at all for cats outside.

Our Tiger Kitty, who brought 4 kittens to us before my human had her spayed, used to come to our porch to eat with Bow Tie. She was also hit by a car a few years ago.

We also had Tuxie, who showed up one winter. He was probably about 6 months old then. My human was getting ready to trap/neuter him, but then he suddenly disappeared one day and we never saw him again, not in the road, not anywhere and she used to call him every night because until then he’d never missed a meal. We think big, mean Kyle chased him off. Poor Tuxie.

Right now we are taking care of Kitty, an all black cat that started coming around earlier this year. We trapped him and he was neutered a few months ago. We don’t have his photo because he became even more elusive after he was trapped/neutered. Kitty gets his food way at the back of our property and hangs out in the woods back there, so hopefully he’ll never feel the need to cross any streets.

There is a new tabby cat across the street that she is going to trap and have altered. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, because the kitty runs away before she gets very close and won’t go to the food until she’s back on this side of the street.

It’s just very scary because we live between 2 very busy roads, and my human constantly worries about all the homeless kitties around here. People drive very fast, and they do not slow down for animals crossing the road even if they have enough time to do so. In fact, we’ve seen people speed up to try to purposly run over the animals. It’s a very sad statement about some human beings.

My human misses Bow Tie Kitty and she keeps looking out of the window to see if he’s waiting for his dinner, that maybe it was a mistake and it wasn’t him that she buried after all.


Life Imitating Artz

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kitteh noir

This is not one of my family members above, but of course we’ve all often been the subjects of my human’s interpretation of art while she tries to pose us for photos with silly toys and colorful blankies! Below are some of my favorite human’s favorite kitteh artists.

Susan Fey 365 CatSusan Feye makes wonderful custom portraits of pets and their people. Her website is called 365 Cat Ladies!


Leslie Newcomer emerald eyesLeslie Newcomer makes cats in fantasy, dream-like scenes and she’ll also do custom work when she has time. Her website is called Fantasy Cat Art!


 Rebecca makes some very cute cat art prints and cool things for cat lovers. Her web site on Etsy is called Purr Prints!


Cat in St. Paul de Vence by Isy OchoaIsy Ochoa makes lovely paintings of cats in various settings around the world, and also in still life poses with flowers and such. Vist her web site at Isy Ochoa

Rainy Day Updates from Me, Violet

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment

 My human has posted a new page on my blog entitled “Ginger the Dog” …I know, I know, more dog stuff…but this is a very important story and Ginger needs our help…

AND Ginger likes cats so she’s OK in my book!

Ginger Dog

We have a lot of stray dogs running around our neighborhood with no tags and not spayed or neutered. We live on a well traveled street, and many people never slow down or stop for animals in the road even if they have plenty of time to do so; my human has scooped up many a poor kitty, squirrel, ‘possum to bury in our yard. There are also a lot of chained and tied up dogs in people’s yards around here. My human says this is not the proper way for a dog to live, and she is disgusted by people who treat dogs this way. All dogs should be spayed or neutered, be wearing proper ID & rabies tags, and have a safe, fenced in yard to play in.

Please read about Ginger