Inky the Cat


Inky had urinary tract blockage, a very serious and potentially fatal condition if not treated promptly. 



December 20, 2011 – Inky is still doing very well and has not had another episode of crystals or urinary tract blockage! yay!

January 5, 2010 – Inky continues to do very well! He has not had a recurrence of any urinary tract difficulties. He is eating his prescription food, and being his old catty self! Yea! We would like to remind you to watch your kitties carefully, and at the first sign of something amiss – even just a personality change – take kitty to the vet for a check. It’s better to be wrong now, than find out something is very wrong with kitty later…when it might be too late. Purrs!

December 5, 2009 – Inky’s mom says that Inky is back to his old self, playing cat tricks and being a regular catty! Inky’s family is still working on paying off the loan for his emergency vet treatment, and you can give them a really nice Christmas present by making a donation to help them! Even a small donation would mean a lot, and Inky & his family would be very grateful! Purrs!

 November 3, 2009 – Inky’s mom says he is doing very well! He is urinating normally and he is back to his old self! Yea! Inky loves his Royal Canin Urinary SO food, and we’d like to thank our friend Sue for giving 48 pouches of this food to Inky! Thanks Sue, and many purrs!

Inky’s mom has been working OT to make up for the time she had to take off when the children were sick with the Swine flu; Inky’s dad continues to suffer from his chronic illness which  the doctors have yet to diagnose but he is still working as much as he can. However, his medical bills are still steep despite their health insurance, so if you chip in to help them pay off the loan for Inky’s emergency treatment it would be a big help and greatly appreciated! Inky’s family is very grateful to everyone who has helped their Inky because without you he would not be with them today. Inky is their only pet and they love him very much.

October 10, 2009 – Inky went home on October 7. He finished his medications and had subQ fluids for a week and was urinating regularly, although smaller amounts and more frequently than normal. However, this is normal after a blockage and catheterization; the frequency should lessen and the volumn of each urination should increase as he continues to heal. I saw Inky’s mom yesterday and she says he continues to urinate regularly and he loves his prescription food. Here are more photos of Inky that I made before he went home.

InkyInkyInky 2InkyInkyInky






October 7, 2009- Here are some new photos of Inky. I used my cell phone so sorry about the quality!

Playing with feather toy!Distracted by something outside!

Inky & his feather toy! 







The number of people who have contributed to help Inky is growing, and Inky sends his most profound purrs of gratitude to each and everyone of you for helping him & his family through this frightening experience!


 October 5, 2009 – Inky has moved to our upstairs Cat Room, and is doing very well. He doesn’t like taking his medicine, nor does he really care to get his subQ fluids, but he’s a good sport and forgives me each time I have to poke him or shove a pill into him. He is urinating well & eating his precription food so hopefully any remaining crystals have dissolved or have been passed out.

His mom came to visit him yesterday, but because the kids and dad have the Swine flu we kept our distance, even though mom is not sick. She really misses Inky, but since everyone is sick at Inky’s house she knows I can’t go over there to give him his fluids. She knows how important it is for him to have the fluids to keep his urine flowing, and just wants Inky to get better. I know Inky misses his family, too, and hopefully he can go home in a few days.

I’m very glad I’ve been able to help Inky & his family, and we are all very thankful to everyone else who has also helped.

inky5October 2, 2009 – Here is a photo I just took of Inky (wth my cell phone so it’s not the best, but Inky looks good today). Inky’s human sisters are sick and his mom hasn’t been getting much sleep, so he will spend a few days here with me so I can give him subQ fluids twice a day and keep an eye on him.

As you know, Inky had to be catheterized again, and he spent the night at 4 Seasons Cat Hospital with Dr. Moses. I’m really tired so I’ll write more later, but you can read the latest update I’ve added to his ChipIn donation page.

Many thanks to Dr. Moses and everyone at 4 Seasons for taking such good care of Inky, and thank you to everyone who has contributed money, prayers, pawsitve purrs and good wishes to Inky. His family is very grateful. Inky is a very, very sweet kitty.

Please donate to help Inky & his family. Thank you!


October 1, 2009 – Inky has not urinated more than a few drops in the last couple of days, and he has not been eating. I decided it was absolutely necessary to take him back to the vet today to see what’s going on before it gets worse again, and before the weekend.

So this morning, so Inky’s mom would not have to take another day off work, I took Inky myself to Dr. Nan Moses at 4 Seasons Cat Hospital in Charlotte (NC). Dr. Moses is my cats’ vet, and she is the best as far as I’m concerned. After 3 other vets, her protocol for treating urinary tract disease was the only one that worked for my cat, Odie, who had a blockage last year. Odie has been free of symptoms for almost a year now thanks to Dr. Moses.

Dr. Moses tried everything she could to get Inky to urinate on his own, but I just talked to her and it looks like she’s going to have to catheterize him and flush out his bladder that way. Poor Inky will have to spend the night at the vet, but I know he is in good hands.

Inky’s family is just frantic over the cost but at this point, after all the people who have stepped up to help Inky with donations and good wishes, we just cannot let Inky down because of money, so please make a contribution to help Inky & his family if you can. They are good people who have been having financial difficulty because Inky’s dad is really sick and was not able to work for awhile. Inky is their only cat and they absolutely adore and love Inky.

Please donate to help Inky.


Sept. 29. 2009 – I talked to Inky’s mom & dad this evening and they said Inky is not eating much, and just mostly sleeping on the sofa. Apparently he did not urinate at all on Sunday but he did urinate a good amount on Monday, but then today she only noticed some drops on his privates but not in the box. Inky went to see his regular vet today, and his bladder is not full so I’m hoping he is passing some urine here and there (outside of the box) and nobody has notice yet. If you’ve had a cat with urinary tract problems you know they do this sometimes, and in my experience with my own cat it can be up and down for a few months after a blockage. Inky got more medicine today, and were hoping this will help. If necessary, I’ll go over and give him subQ fluids tomorrow, but only as long as he is still passing at least a little urine. If he is not passing even some drops, he may have to be catheterized again.

paw1paw2 Please say prayers and keep paws crossed so Inky gets better.

Sept. 28, 2009 – I talked to Inky’s mom Sunday morning, and she says Inky is doing well, urinating regularly and a good amount, which is about the most important thing since this keeps his bladder flushed out and helps prevent another plug from forming. However, on Sunday he was not eating like he had been and so this has us rather concerned, but in all other ways he seems to be recovering well from his frightening experience. Inky has a follow up appointment with his regular vet tomorrow. Keeping paws crossed so Inky keeps healing and gets back to 110% soon!


Sept. 23, 2009 – “I went to visit Inky last night at his home, and he is doing very well. Inky is the sweetest little fellow, and even though I haven’t seen him in almost 2 years (since he was adopted) he rubbed against me and purred. Then he laid in my lap and went to sleep. Inky is indeed a wonderful and loving little cat. Here are some new photos of Inky that I made last night.100_3189100_3193 You can see where his little arm was shaved for his IV at the emergency vet clinic.100_3191  100_3197

For those of you who have just heard about Inky, here is a summary of his frightening experience and how all his friends are helping him:  

Inky developed urinary tract blockage for which he required emergency treatment, however his family has been having some hard times due to a serious illness in the family, and they recently came close to losing their home and did not have the money to get this treatment for Inky. Unfortunately, their only other option would have been to have him put to sleep so he wouldn’t suffer an agonizing death. Inky’s family was frantic; Inky is their only pet and they love him very much. As some of you may know, urinary tract blockage can leave permanent damage to the kidneys and other organs, and is fatal if not treated. If you have cats but are not familiar with the signs & symptoms, please read about feline urinary tract disease.

Soon after I heard about Inky’s illness I realized it was up to me to help him. So, putting my ego aside, I started calling friends asking them for money, and I managed to get a loan for Inky’s family so they could take Inky to the ER right away. Two friends also called directly into the clinic with donations before Inky even arrived at the clinic, and these were automatically deducted from his bill.

I knew Inky’s family would pay back every cent of the loan no matter how long it took, but knowing the hardships Inky’s family is currently facing, I began a fundraiser for Inky to help them pay it back. Believe me, if the person who made this loan was financially better off than they are, they would not even worry about the money, but unfortunately this is not the case.

So far, Inky’s friends have donated a total of $550 (including 3 contributions called directly into the vet clinic). This covers more than half of Inky’s emergency vet bill. Inky has also had a great number of people who could not donate money but who wished him well and hoped for his speedy recovery. This is amazing and Inky & I are in awe and very grateful to all of you who so very generously donated to help him and his family.

Here is the list of all the contributors so far, both $$ and moral supporters (initials only but you know who you are, and so do we!):

  • Nancy
  • Terry
  • Susan
  • Huanita
  • Jennifer
  • Ginny
  • Karen
  • Emily
  • Melba
  • Sue
  • Melinda
  • SG in Monroe, NC
  • Wendy
  • Karen
  • Johanna
  • Tammy
  • Barbara
  • The Humane Society of Union County
  • Cindy

And many thanks and purrs to a very kind person whose name I don’t know who wrote in with prayers & love for Inky!

Last night when I saw Inky, he asked me to send purrs & his profound thanks to everyone who helped him because without you he would not be with us today.

We’d also like to thank everyone at the Emergency Veterinary Clinic for taking such good care of Inky, and also for taking the time to work with us when donations for him were called in!


 Inky with one of his human “sisters” before his illness!


Purrs to all,

Violet & Deb, and Inky & his family

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