Life Imitating Artz

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kitteh noir

This is not one of my family members above, but of course we’ve all often been the subjects of my human’s interpretation of art while she tries to pose us for photos with silly toys and colorful blankies! Below are some of my favorite human’s favorite kitteh artists.

Susan Fey 365 CatSusan Feye makes wonderful custom portraits of pets and their people. Her website is called 365 Cat Ladies!


Leslie Newcomer emerald eyesLeslie Newcomer makes cats in fantasy, dream-like scenes and she’ll also do custom work when she has time. Her website is called Fantasy Cat Art!


 Rebecca makes some very cute cat art prints and cool things for cat lovers. Her web site on Etsy is called Purr Prints!


Cat in St. Paul de Vence by Isy OchoaIsy Ochoa makes lovely paintings of cats in various settings around the world, and also in still life poses with flowers and such. Vist her web site at Isy Ochoa


Rainy Day Updates from Me, Violet

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 My human has posted a new page on my blog entitled “Ginger the Dog” …I know, I know, more dog stuff…but this is a very important story and Ginger needs our help…

AND Ginger likes cats so she’s OK in my book!

Ginger Dog

We have a lot of stray dogs running around our neighborhood with no tags and not spayed or neutered. We live on a well traveled street, and many people never slow down or stop for animals in the road even if they have plenty of time to do so; my human has scooped up many a poor kitty, squirrel, ‘possum to bury in our yard. There are also a lot of chained and tied up dogs in people’s yards around here. My human says this is not the proper way for a dog to live, and she is disgusted by people who treat dogs this way. All dogs should be spayed or neutered, be wearing proper ID & rabies tags, and have a safe, fenced in yard to play in.

Please read about Ginger

Simon’s Cat

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My favorite human says this video reminds her of me, Violet. Hmmmm….

Photo Op

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Ok, so this is a cat blog and there are DOGs in this photo.

Well, this is a very cool pic of our friend Terry’s husband, Mike, and their dogs. Terry rescues a lot of kitties so I, Violet, am giving some space to her family, including the dogs! And besides, these dogs like cats!

Wednesday, Cole, Mike, Charlotte & RosieFrom left to right we have Wednesday, Cole, Mike, Charlotte & Rosie. Terry & Mike also have 7 cats. The cats, however, declined a ride in the car. All the dogs & cats are rescued.

You can read more about Terry and her kitty rescue work here: Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehabilitation

Raw Fed Cat

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Kyle and his giant mouse

Kyle caught a giant mouse today. Ewwwwwe. He sat at the back door and meowed until our human went out to look at it. She patted him on the head and said he was a good cat. He was very pleased with himself.

Now he’s eating it.

Kyle gets to go outside without a harness and leash. He gets to hunt mice, voles, squirrels, opossum (ewwwwe), and bunnies.






Rain! yeaaa!

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VioletCrazyGirlFinally some moisture is falling on the earth! My favorite human says the allergens are not floating around now, and she has opened the windows & doors! Yeaaa! Fresh air and no allergens (whatever those are).

When it rains Kyle can’t roll in the dirt when he goes outside. He calls it a “dirt bath” but we call it grossss, and he needs a sponge bath when he comes in. This always delays our dinner. Grrrr…Hisss…..

Inky is in our upstairs cat room! My human says Inky must have subQ fluids for another few days, and then he can go home as long as he continues to pee enough. Inky’s humans have the Swine Flu (swine???) and my human doesn’t want to go over there to give Inky his fluids while everyone is sick, that’s why he’s here with us. He’s already been catheterized twice. I don’t know what that is, but Inky says it wasn’t fun.

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Our Friend Inky

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inky4My human is worried about Inky. She saw Inky’s mom last night, and she said Inky is having a sort of relapse. He’s not eating and she thinks he didn’t pee yesterday. My human is hoping that maybe Inky peed behind the door or in the laundry basket like Odie did after he had urinary tract blockage. We are hoping that Inky does not have to be catheterized again.

Inky is an adopted cat. He is neutered and has a very loving home. Inky has lived with his family for 2 years, and he is their only pet.

paw1paw2  Please keep paws crossed so Inky gets better.