Spay & Neuter

November 1, 2009 – Well, it’s a rainy day and everyone is indoors. I’ve brought Little Kitty, my outside cat, inside…and hopefully all kitties have found a warm place out of the rain.

As nice as this thought is, it is simply not true and many a poor kitty will be wet and shivering with cold. Many of them will become sick and a lot of kitties will not make it through the winter.

Spay & Neuter

A lot of this suffering can be prevented if everyone spayed and neutered their cats, but the reality of it is many pet cats are not spayed and neutered and when they reproduce the offspring are either taken to the county shelter where most of them are euthanized, or they are put outside (if they aren’t already) where they continue to reproduce at Little Kitty and one of her kittensan alarming rate.1 Instinctually, cats hide their young from perceived danger which includes humans therefore the offspring have little contact with people and are unsocialized. This is how the feral cat comes to be.

The remedy, of course, is to spay & neuter all cats but this sounds a lot easier than it is. Here in Union Co. North Carolina (and a lot of other places around the country) the main reasons are the lack of affordable spaying & neutering, and ignorance.

TigerIn many cases, ignorance is easy to fix – just inform the person of the facts. Notice I said in many cases; the rest of the folks are for another story, but many people are caring and sympathetic and ready to do the right thing when you tell them what it is – about the health benefits of spaying or neutering their pets2 and how it can help reduce the number of homeless and unwanted cats that are euthanized in the shelter.

TuxieHowever, while many of our pets are spayed & neutered because we can afford to pay for it, or we have “connections” in the rescue community, a great number of people cannot afford exhorbitant vet fees and/or cannot afford to take time off work to travel to a spay/neuter clinic in another county. In counties all around us there are low cost options such as spay/neuter clinics and mobile spay/neuter vans3 free spay/neuter programs for feral cats4, and some counties have a “$20 Fix” program5 for people on low, fixed incomes. Unfortunately, not in our county. Sometimes a few vets in this area offer a “special” on spay/neuter, but even this reduced fee is more than many people can afford, and while we do have some resources for feral cats in neighboring counties, the the number of cats that need to be fixed is more than they can reasonably handle, and it still costs someone a lot of money.

RugbySo until the vets, shelters and rescue organizations in Union County get together and start being part of the solution, I only have the options below to offer. Unfortunately most have a long waiting list but don’t give up, and if you can’t afford even these fees or need help getting your cats there, start calling rescue organizations and ask them for help. Just, please, be nice to these rescue folks because most of them are overwhelmed as it is, but they’ll usually help if they have the means to do so.

(Blue is a link to the web site)
Humane Society of Charlotte Spay/Neuter Clinic read the application carefully. Male cats are $53, female cats are $71 (as of January 1, 2010). Cats must have FVRCP (distemper+) & rabies vaccinations; these are available for $8 & $5 respectively. There is a long wait time so don’t wait to schedule an appointment.

SPCA Alliance in Charlotte, Spay Neuter Intervention Program (SNIP). You can get a certificate for spay/neuter but I’ve recently heard reports that they are currently difficult/impossible to get. Whether this is due to lack of funds or something else, I don’t know. Call or email to request a certificate, and keep trying.

Animal League of Gaston County Spay/Neuter Clinic is the clinic that Terry used on Oct. 21 for Betty’s cats. She was very impressed by their professionalism & compassion; they also sent a sympathy card to Terry because 2 of the ferals had to be euthanized that day.  

Humane Society of Lancaster S.C. in Lancaster Co. South Carolina, runs a shuttle to Crossroads Animal Hospital. You have to pay ahead of time, or you can purchase the voucher, make your own appointment, and take your pet to Crossroads yourself.

Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic in Concord, North Carolina (this is a bit pricey as far as low cost spay/neuter goes, but lower than many vets around here and in the ballpark for some folks.

Humane Society of Rowan County in Salisbury, North Carolina runs a shuttle to a clinic in Kernersville. Another option to investigate in Rowan County is No Pets Left Behind

Friends of Feral Felines in Charlotte, North Carolina (no tame strays; for ferals only, ear will be tipped)

Friends of Animals offers a low cost s/n certificate that you can purchase online or by phone, and they will give you the names of the participating vets in our area. I’ve emailed them to find out cost and vets, and will post when I get the info. Update: I received the reply this morning, and Friends of Animals has no participating vets in Union County.

Brown Creek Animal Hospital in Polkton in Anson County. Dr Wright is a great vet, all his assistants are very nice, and his fees for spay/neuter are much more reasonable than any other vet (that I know of) around here. Unfortunately the wait time is months long, so plan ahead. Phone: 704-272-5500

Mercy Animal Hospital in Indian Trail, currently has a special on spay/neuter and vaccinations. The spay/neuter fees may still not be reasonable for some people with lower-incomes, but it is a good lower cost option for some folks. The vaccinations are very reasonable for everyone (for dogs and cats).

Note: if any of these options are not available to Union County residents, or anyone finds any other errors here or knows of other options please let me know. Email: or leave a comment below. You don’t need a WP account to leave a comment. Thanks!


1A Report On Trap/Alter/Release Programs (see paragraphs 2 & 3)

2 Benefits of Spaying & Neutering

3 Clinics and Mobile Units (examples of what we could have in Union Co.)

4 Operation Catnip (in Raleigh) this is free s/n for feral cats…very much needed here in Union Co.

5 $20 Fix (another example of what we could have, and need, in Union Co.)

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