The Purr…fect Fence

This summer my favorite human neglected us cats for several months because she spent all her time out in the yard installing a Purr…fect Fence cat fence for Kyle. Well, she did feed us & scoop our litter boxes, but that was about it. She’d go out early in the morning after slinging some crunchies into our bowls, then come in later all sweaty and stinky just so she could eat and cool off and change her sweaty clothes. Then she’d go right back out without giving us a second look. Then she’d come in again, take a shower, and take a nap. Then out again…and on and on…everyday for a long, long time. Sometimes she was out until very late at night working on the fence, with her torch so she could see what she was doing, because she said it was cooler at that time. I was feeling very neglected and the house was a mess.

But the good news is Kyle now has a cat fence and we don’t have to worry about him or Little Kitty now! Yea! And I sometimes get to go out into the yard without my human constantly hovering over me and pulling on my leash. I still have to wear my harness and my long leash so I can’t run around as I please, but at least she leaves me alone for awhile to enjoy the grass and watch the birds & squirrels.

But now Kyle has his own blog and my human is spending all her time taking pictures of butterflies and bugs and Kyle and his cat fence and writing on his blog…and Kyle has all the pictures of the pretty butterflies and  flowers on his blog. Sigh.

But it’s a really cool cat fence and you can read about Kyle’s cat fence and see more photos of him (and Yours Truly, and the butterflies and bugs!) here: Kyle Kitty’s Cat Fence


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